The two businesses have entered into a cross-sales and supply agreement whereby each company will supply each other with technology and connectivity services or simply act to facilitate and help each other enhance their offerings in their respective market sectors, significantly improving their joint capabilities and ability to compete.

David Savage, Chairman and CEO of Excelerate commented “there are many things that our two companies have in common but the key to any partnership like this is our expertise in our respective vertical markets. This partnership will enable both companies to carry on focusing on those areas but with the advantages of additional technologies and network services to make our respective propositions even more compelling. There are markets, such as construction and the emergency services, where we will assist each other expand our services offering, and then there are emerging markets where we will identify where the partnership will improve our ability to compete in all sorts of new ways. This will ensure we are able to future-proof our customers, give them more choice and improve the value proposition for them. A simple example is the fact that Clarus is the only official Starlink Reseller in the UK and Excelerate is a OneWeb Distribution Partner. Excelerate has developed its own Hybrid Edge Appliance specifically to enhance emerging connectivity services like Starlink and OneWeb’s LEO satellite capability to improve the user experience regarding resilience, performance, security, flexibility, and value.”

Derek Phillips, Managing Director of The Clarus Networks Group, added: “We’re very excited to expand our capabilities through this partnership. Working together, we have created a truly market-leading offering that will enable both companies to enter new verticals, as well as strengthen the services we provide to our existing customers.”

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