The rapidly increasing number of interconnected devices today brings significant benefits to our every day lives, whether at home or on the go. We are living in a connected world where the ability to access and share information anywhere at anytime is the new norm. The demand for innovative solutions for emergency responders is also growing, as is the need for more data; this combination is the platform on which Excelerate supports and enables future collaboration between people, organisations and applications.

Excelerate’s resilient data network operates over multiple bearers (3G, 4G, LTE, Satellite) enabling responders to work collaboratively and share critical data, video & voice applications in all environments, even where terrestrial networks are congested, under threat or suffering from disruption.

Whether integrated on-board rapid response vehicles, command & control units or into rugged portable solutions Excelerate’s resilient communications are customised to user needs whilst ensuring that they are supported with the most efficient, simple to operate systems.

Portable Format Available as Alternative to Command Vehicle

Excelerate’s portable communications pod & satellite backhaul have been specifically designed for agile and flexible deployment and for use in challenging scenarios where vehicle based communications are difficult to deploy. Our portable solution enables operators across the to rapidly deploy a resilient data network whenever and wherever required.

Working closely with customers to establish a solution that is fit for purpose, resilient and future proof is essential for any successful project. As a result, Excelerate have introduced innovative solutions to support Emergency Services, Government Organisations and Category 2 responders across the globe.

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