See our demo vehicle in action and discuss how satellite connectivity can help support your organisation’s needs. Simply complete the form below to arrange a demonstration at a time to suit you.

A demo will help you

  • Learn about the best options for connecting people and delivering services via satellite broadband
  • Discover new ways that can accelerate worker productivity in the field
  • Develop ways of making your services more accessible in rural areas
  • Identify enhanced safety and security by being able to share information in real-time

We will also provide

  • A question and answer session with one of our experts

A demo with our satellite communications vehicle could be beneficial to those working in security, utilities, oil & gas, health, education, or any organisation delivering a service from a vehicle that requires reliable broadband connectivity from any location.


Key benefits of a satellite communications vehicle.

Cost Effective – A satellite enabled vehicle can be continually deployed to support mobile teams, providing real time communications from more locations as and when needed.

Increased Productivity – Personnel can carry out day-to-day tasks away from the office increasing the quality of the service being provided.

Superior Reliability – Satellite communications operate independently of terrestrial coverage, so in areas with unreliable terrestrial networks/broadband black-spots satellite connectivity is fully operational.

Wide Availability – Satellite connectivity enables 100% coverage in the UK & Europe. Organisations that need to operate in rural and remote regions that cannot obtain high speed Internet access from a terrestrial provider are increasingly relying on satellite communications.

Immediate Connectivity – Simple-to-use mobile satellite platforms connect quickly at the touch of a button with little training required

Enhanced Security & Safety – In the event of an emergency you will never be without your communications even in locations where terrestrial coverage may not exist.

Flexible Packages – Choice of tariffs, speed and data allowances at fixed prices ensuring ease of budgeting.

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