Excelerate partnered with DTC and Evolve Dynamics to demonstrate new ways remote teams can effectively collaborate.

In a world where remote collaboration is becoming increasingly vital, Excelerate, in partnership with DTC and Evolve Dynamics, has showcased an innovative solution that revolutionises enhanced communication and real-time situational awareness for remote teams.

This powerful demonstration took place at Excelerate Headquarters in Cardiff, with a focus on real-time data, video, and voice sharing. By leveraging satellite technology, advanced mesh networks, body-worn cameras, and a tethered drone system, Excelerate, alongside DTC and Evolve Dynamics, successfully demonstrated how remote teams operating in challenging environments can seamlessly transmit critical information to multiple authorised locations simultaneously.

Real-Time Communication using Body-Worn Video Technology

Kicking off the demo, the remote team headed into the Welsh countryside to an area well-known for having poor connectivity. The team, equipped with DTC’s advanced body-worn video technology, created a resilient and reliable self-forming, self-healing network. The system supported 10 simultaneous camera feeds as well as voice and GPS data, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the operational area. Communications were maintained at a range of 1-10 km, in high-signal loss and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions.

Enhancing Aerial Surveillance and Communications with Tethered Drones

At another remote location, drone specialists Evolve Dynamics deployed a tethered drone system equipped with a specialist antenna that significantly extends the range of communications. Capable of reaching heights of up to 110 m, the drone offered unparalleled aerial surveillance and extended communication capabilities. Additionally, the powerful onboard camera sensor enabled the capture of high-quality footage for enhanced situational awareness.

A Connected Base Camp

As part of the demonstration, DTC created a fully connected base camp at another location. This type of setup is typically used for short-term operations or as an intermediate base while establishing more permanent infrastructure. DTC installed a large-scale communications mast that can be set up relatively quickly and dismantled as needed. A portable Kymeta flat-panel satellite antenna was also deployed, providing a resilient backhaul to any authorised location, anywhere in the world.

Command and Control Units: Enabling Effective Decision-Making

An Excelerate Command Control Unit (CCU) was deployed off-site and manned by the Excelerate team. During the demonstration, the CCU served as a central hub for coordinating and monitoring the actions of the remote teams. This specialist vehicle is equipped with the latest communications technology, including an Excell 4G LTE optimisation antenna and a Kymeta flat-panel satellite, enabling seamless connectivity whether stationary or on the move in any environment.

Real-Time Collaboration and Insights: From the Front-Line back to Headquarters and Beyond

Live video streaming and Push to Talk (PTT) capabilities from the body-worn cameras allowed those off-site to have a clear visualisation of the remote team’s actions. The drone’s aerial perspective was also shared with base camp, the command unit, and Excelerate HQ, providing a comprehensive view of the operation.

Screens at Base Camp, onboard the CCU, and at Excelerate HQ displayed both the remote team’s body-worn video feeds and the drone’s aerial view, unifying perspectives. Bringing the feeds together in one place provided next-level real-time situational awareness for enhanced strategic decision-making.

Live low-latency feeds were transmitted via satellite, ensuring any authorised locations worldwide could access the information. This allowed interested customers to participate in the demonstration by logging in to Excelerate’s secure and encrypted Exstream Video Management Service to view the video feeds in real-time.


Additional information, including live second-by-second updates on connectivity status and seamless integration with ATAK for GPS data, ensured full visibility over the network conditions. This level of transparency is crucial in mission-critical situations, enabling teams to make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances.

Empowering Collaboration and Situational Awareness

The ability to share live footage and insights in real-time empowers collaboration and enhances situational awareness among teams. By leveraging this resilient mobile communications solution, remote teams can overcome geographical barriers and work seamlessly with headquarters, facilitating efficient decision-making processes. The interconnectedness of the drone, command and control vehicle, remote teams, base camp, and those back at headquarters fosters a holistic and unified approach to operations.

Customisable Solutions for Varied Requirements

The demonstration highlighted Excelerate’s collaborative approach with its partners DTC and Evolve Dynamics to overcome communication challenges in high-signal loss environments. The solution is fully customisable to meet customer requirements. Whether it’s adapting the system for specific environments, integrating additional functionalities, or tailoring it to unique mission objectives, the solution can be configured to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness.

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