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Sherpa temporary surveillance solution

About Sherpa

Sherpa is a portable camera & communications delivery system that automatically climbs existing lamppost/poles enabling a range of cameras and communications to be deployed quickly and easily.
Sherpa provides temporary surveillance and/or communications within minutes that can be moved around when and where you need it.
Rugged and robust, Sherpa has been designed for fast deployment in all-terrains, offering the flexibility that traditional fixed CCTV security solutions cannot provide – by being able to be redeployed quickly and easily anywhere there is an available lamppost/pole.
Providing operators with a high-level of ROI, Sherpa has already proven to be successful across a multitude of applications, including ANPR, deterring anti-social behaviour, the monitoring of emergency situations, prison security, fly tipping, and public order events.

Benefits of Sherpa

  • Expensive installation not required. Sherpa automatically climbs lampposts and poles at the touch of a button and can be deployed within minutes by the operator.

  • Can be deployed as many times as you like without the added cost of re-cabling unlike with fixed CCTV security systems.

  • Only one Sherpa delivery unit needed to deploy as many camera platforms as required offering cost savings upon multiple deployments.

  • Inherently secure, because of its high position above physical threats.

  • Can be left unattended to gather evidence for later retrieval or used for remote monitoring without the need for personnel to be present.

  • Fully integrated with its own built in Wi-Fi, 3G/4G for real-time video sharing to any monitoring station anywhere in the world.

What cameras are compatible with Sherpa

A range of high-performance cameras can be integrated into Sherpa in a variety of camera/ control combinations, including Analogue, Infrared, High Definition, Thermal and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Sherpa can also deliver enhanced communications & relay options including COFDM, GSM, Tetra, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

Any bespoke application can be supported by our in-house R&D team.

Technical features

Delivery unit

The Sherpa Delivery Unit is battery powered with a hand-held controller capable of deploying the Operating Platform up any suitable pole with a diameter between 75mm and 150mm. Units are available for cylindrical, conical, hexagonal and tapered octagonal pole profiles.

Electronics unit

The Electronics Unit contains a powerful rechargeable battery as well as the technology to enable rapid and secure data transfer.

Operating platform

The Sherpa Operating Platform can contain a compact and robust PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera housing for a wide variety of CCTV cameras.

Hand-held controller

The Sherpa Hand-held Controller uses a 433MHz radio packet controller for communications with the system. The data packet structure has been custom written for Sherpa. The hand-held controllers are coded to individual customers.

Control case

This allows full PTZ control of a camera head together with video feedback via LCD monitors. Other camera monitoring and control methods include Laptop and PDA.

Wi-Fi access points and 4G routers

Sherpa technology can be employed to mount Wi-Fi access points to create short distance hot-spots for secure communication, while the deployment of 4G routers enables the rapid relay of all types of data anywhere in the world.

Optional COFDM transmission

Sherpa uses COFDM for data transmission to overcome line of sight issues and enable personnel to transmit high quality data in real time, even within buildings and underground tunnels. Additional features and system modifications are available on request.

The Sherpa automatic lamppost climbing camera & communications delivery system is currently supporting a wide range of applications

Event monitoring & crowd control

Live monitoring and management of emergency responses to demonstrations and riots, as well as major public order events can be improved by deployment of the temporary surveillance capability provided by Sherpa

With a wide variety of public order threats to deal with, such as riots, demonstrations and terrorist attacks, as well as crimes such as muggings and drug dealing, plus ceremonial and cultural activities and major sporting fixtures, a system such as Sherpa can provide fast, flexible options for using live and recorded CCTV to cover all such events.

Sherpa was used for enhanced temporary surveillance at the 2014 NATO Summit with integrated real-time video streaming capabilities via 3G/4G & COFDM improving real-time situational awareness.

“On game day the Sherpa’s and body worn cameras gave the command team views they could not get in any other way.”

Nigel Russell – Chief Superintendent
Gwent Police (2014)

Traffic Management

Sherpa’s re-deployable CCTV capability gives the user the freedom to monitor different areas quickly and easily from one day to the next making it an ideal solution for traffic management.

With the option of integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Sherpa can be used to record vehicles that enter bus lanes when not permitted, or perform banned manoeuvres such as stopping in a yellow box junction or turning right where not permitted – improving compliance on the road.

Sherpa with ANPR integration also enables a fast and simple solution to trespass enforcement and protection as well as for illegal parking.

“Traditional surveillance camera equipment needs specialist installation that can be complicated and is often costly. Sherpa, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a rapidly transportable and easy to set up and operate system that is designed to be used by anybody with little training needed”

Nicola Savage, Marketing Director
Excelerate Technology Ltd

Emergency Preparedness

Floods, earthquakes, major road or rail incidents, large area wildfires and urban search and rescue situations often run over prolonged periods and require continuous monitoring and high levels of multi-agency cooperation and information sharing.

The Sherpa system allows temporary CCTV coverage to be set up quickly and easily, delivering live imagery back to multi-agency command vehicles and headquarters in a short period of time.

The system can then be used to enhance multi-agency communications and cooperation by providing commanders from all emergency services and central and local government agencies with an accurate, dynamically updated picture of events on the ground.

Prison and perimeter security

A common issue in prison or perimeter security is in the monitoring of ‘gaps’ in the existing surveillance. Deployment of Sherpa allows rapid temporary CCTV coverage to fill these gaps, thereby preventing illegal activities and enhancing security.

“The deployment of Sherpa has had a positive impact in acting as a deterrent, gaining evidence and gathering intelligence. I would definitely recommend Sherpa to other prisons.

Our main use of the Sherpa system is to detect, deter and gather intelligence and evidence in combatting the issue of contraband being thrown over the perimeter fence into various areas of the prison. The evidence it provides is vital in the internal adjudication process and also when providing courts with evidence for convictions when prosecuting.

It is not just an aid to monitor perimeter fence issues. It can also be deployed in many other areas both inside and outside, such as car parks for monitoring movement within the secure perimeter.”

Tony Hayes – Head of Security
HMP Oakwood

Arson & crime prevention

When vulnerable or problem hotspots are identified, Sherpa can be deployed quickly and easily to monitor and record the area in real time, so crime-fighting resources can be sent at a moment’s notice and prosecutions enforced with CCTV evidence.

With a wide variety of crime prevention threats to deal with, a system such as Sherpa can provide fast, flexible options for using live and recorded CCTV to cover all such instances.

Sherpa can help deliver an up-to-date Common Operational Picture for commanders to enhance the quality of incident information, the effectiveness of decision-making and to record evidence for prosecutions and enquiries.

“The very presence of the Sherpa cameras deters would-be offenders and sends a signal out to all that we are watching and protecting the area. Its portability and fast deployment make Sherpa an essential part of the criminal detection and deterrent toolbox.”

Mick Rodden
Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service Arson Task Force

Asset Protection

Offices, factories, construction sites, warehouses, utilities, transport networks and housing all suffer from vandalism and phases of thefts and other threats. The Sherpa portable system allows those responsible for the security of such locations to install temporary CCTV surveillance for preventing such attacks and recording activities for prosecutions where such attacks do take place.

Utilities such as electricity companies can use the Sherpa system to install temporary CCTV surveillance where there are threats to the distribution infrastructure – quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Cable theft has become a major threat to the safety and normal service of rail networks, as well as a major cost. Sherpa can help rail networks prevent cable theft and apprehend offenders, providing an easily deployed and flexible solution for providing CCTV coverage of vulnerable areas.

Police ANPR

Sherpa with integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can help police forces searching for vehicles of interest where there are insufficient numbers of ANPR vehicles to cover all routes or no permanent ANPR cameras in place.

“Traditional surveillance camera equipment needs specialist installation that can be complicated and is often costly. Sherpa, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a rapidly transportable and easy to set up and operate system that is designed to be used by ordinary officers, not technical personnel”

Nicola Savage, Marketing Director
Excelerate Technology Ltd

Sherpa’s re-deployable ANPR capability gives the user the freedom to monitor different areas quickly and easily from one day to the next making it an ideal solution for locating vehicles and monitoring traffic.

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