As we continue our commitment and support to the Emergency Services, we are excited to be demonstrating more pioneering solutions at this years’ Emergency Services Show.

Northamptonshire Joint Police & Fire New Command Unit Launch

Excelerate are delighted to be launching the ‘Joint Command Unit’ that has been collaboratively commissioned by Northamptonshire Police and Fire services. The vehicle will provide a private and secure communications network, supporting real time data, video and voice transfer between Police, Fire and other emergency responders at large scale or major incidents.

The Joint Command Unit provides a unique command and control capability, enabling both fire and police officers to work together in a single vehicle. It also supports coordinated working with other agencies involved in an incident. This, together with the integration of resilient communications platforms and other technologies, enables the JCU to be the access point providing the highest level of situation awareness of an incident for all commanders and specialist responders, whether on scene or at a remote location

Philip Pells, Group Commander, Joint Operations Team,
Northamptonshire Police and Fire & Rescue Service

Resilient Mobile Communications for Flexible Deployment in all Environments

Command & Control Vehicle Solutions

We continue to provide the most advanced emergency command vehicles & integrated solutions enabling a rapidly deployable resilient communications network at the scene to support real time data, video and voice sharing for enhanced decision making and improved multi-agency response.

Rapid Response Vehicles

The vehicle mounted ‘all in one’ communications roof pod ‘Reflex’ provides an instant resilient data network on-board rapid response vehicles, allowing personnel to access and share information when first at the scene.

Reflex is adaptable and can be transferred across your fleet – so, if a vehicle is off the road you will never have to be without your communications.


Portable Satellite and RapidNET LTE Communications

Excelerate’s portable communications pod & satellite backhaul have been specifically designed for use in challenging scenarios where vehicle based communications are difficult to deploy. The easily portable solution enables responders across the Emergency Services to rapidly deploy a resilient data network whenever and wherever required.

Find out more about how Excelerate’s portable solutions are being used by NHS HART here

Camera Solutions

Whether you need to achieve temporary coverage at hotspots or extend coverage across an incident ground, Excelerate’s camera solutions offer real-time situational awareness to those on the ground and back office personnel.


Proculux can be used in harsh and challenging environments allowing users to capture footage at ultra-long distances regardless of environmental conditions including fog, mist and low light conditions.

Contact us for more information about Proculux

Body-Worn Cameras

Excelerate’s body worn video technology is providing resilient, real time video streams in excess of 1KM from in-field operatives, so those in control can visually interpret information to make the right judgement calls enabling real-time situational awareness.

Recent upgrades include click fast PPE docks for improved wear with PPE and new waterproof & rustproof casing (IP67)

UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

UAV’s provide a 360º aerial view to support enhanced emergency surveillance, monitoring and managing ground team safety. Excelerate will be showcasing a choice of UAV’s that can be fully integrated with all deployable solutions.

Rapid Deploy Camera

Excelerate’s versatile rapid deploy camera can be mounted to high reach aerial appliances or a tripod to enable an enhanced view of an area within the incident ground. Video feeds can be shared to a Peli-case receiver or integrated in to a command vehicle or tablet. Camera options include dual thermal or optical.

Learn more about Excelerate’s rapid deploy camera here

Sherpa: Automatic lamp-post climbing CCTV delivery system

Sherpa is a true rapid deploy solution that doesn’t require any specialist told or engineers to install. This portable system simply clamps onto a lamp-post or pole and automatically climbs into position. enabling surveillance requirements to be in place within minutes.

A range of cameras can be integrated including Analogue, High Definition, Thermal and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Learn how Sherpa is being used in our explainer animation

Real-time Video Streaming

With the integration of COFDM transmission technology, teams can achieve real time video sharing even in high signal loss environments such as within buildings, underground or in mountainous areas.

Excelerate’s new ‘ExStream’ video application enables teams to send live video from the incident ground to any authorised location. Multiple live feeds can then be viewed simultaneously on a range of devices including smartphones & tablets via an app or secure webpage supporting ease of use.

Contact us for more information about Exstream

Integrated Systems Management for Ease of Use by Non IT Experts

Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI)

Excelerate’s Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) combines all systems and solutions into one seamless user interface for simple operation. DDMI can be integrated retrospectively into any of our solutions whether vehicle based, fixed (control room) or portable. DDMI is fully scalable and customisable to user requirements.

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